[070302][ANIM] 伸ばしたこの手は届かない

Title: 伸ばしたこの手は届かない
Genre: 幼馴染寝取られ凌辱AVG
Release Date: 2007-03-02
Size: 307.05 MB

2 comments to [070302][ANIM] 伸ばしたこの手は届かない

  • Vinny Lawson

    I cannot install the game. Every time I try it says the .exe file has stopped working. Even tried running it in compatability mode for windows XP, with no luck. Am I doing something wrong here, or is this file simply corrupt or perhaps it cannot run on Vista at all? Please help.

    • シェア

      Do you mean you cannot run the installer? I can do it on my windows 7 ultimate (32-bit) PC. Maybe you need a Japanese Windows system or the installation of Applocale to start it. Besides, try to use WinRAR to uncompress the RAR file what you downloaded and use Alcohol 120% to mount the MDS file. I know some people use 7-zip to uncompress our RAR files and use other softwares to mount MDS files; it's usually OK but sometimes leading to some issues.

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