[030829][SQUEEZ] 凌辱制服女学園~恥蜜に濡れた制服~

Title: 凌辱制服女学園~恥蜜に濡れた制服~
Genre: 凌辱マルチエンディングアドベンチャーゲーム
Release Date: 2003-08-29
Size: 535.46 MB

5 comments to [030829][SQUEEZ] 凌辱制服女学園~恥蜜に濡れた制服~

  • Epyon

    Hello, sorry but I want to ask something in the game description says that its size is 2235.77 MB but there is only one link to download and file you download is only 535 MB. The game is only a single link? and if so how to install? since I installed and can not find the file to run the game

    • シェア

      Yes, it's a single link.
      We forgot to modify the filesize from other post's copy.
      It should be 535.46 MB.

      Maybe you can see a filename with unreadable characters in the ISO iamge.
      That is the game starter, but it cannot copied in your OS.
      The installer is also unable to handle properly.
      If your system has this issue, you have to extract it manually by using IsoBuster.

      However, we can provide this one here.
      We have added the file "[030829][SQUEEZ] 凌辱制服女学園~恥蜜に濡れた制服~ MainGameExecutor.rar" in the list for you.

      Some old ISO images have the same issue, you could apply the same method to solve it.

  • frank

    what is This compressed file password?

  • frank

    sor I could not see it XD

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