[040109][MBS Truth] WW&F~大正帝都伝奇譚~

Title: WW&F~大正帝都伝奇譚~
Genre: 大正帝都伝奇譚AVG
Release Date: 2004-01-09
Size: 1304.35 MB

3 comments to [040109][MBS Truth] WW&F~大正帝都伝奇譚~

    • シェア

      After I tested this one, I could say it's not actually a fake.
      However, this version was made by the people who lived in Mainland China.
      They called it "High Compressed Version".
      The quality of audio & graphics is highly degraded because they recompressed them.
      It's the reason why the archive is so small.

      Unfortunately, I also found an AdWare in the installer.
      It also changes the homepage of Internet Explorer.
      Furthermore, the game's uploader told me that he couldn't find a full & clean version.
      Thus, I can only put a warning box in this post.

      If you trust your anti-virus software is very powerful, you can install & play it.
      This is not a fake, but to run the installer is dangerous.
      Besides, to run it in a virtual machine is also a good idea.

      Thanks for your report.
      I'll try to find it myself & re-upload it.

    • シェア

      OK, the original version is uploaded.

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