[050922][Delta] 姦狩(めがり)~凌辱報告書~

Title: 姦狩(めがり)~凌辱報告書~
Genre: 陵辱AVG
Release Date: 2005-09-22
Size: 2852.50 MB

8 comments to [050922][Delta] 姦狩(めがり)~凌辱報告書~

  • Xite

    Hey do you guys have a NoDVD File for this game? Cant get it to work, already tryd to search one myself but without any success.

    • シェア

      I remember there are two sets of image files and they have the same main filename. One is the setup disc, the other is bootdisc. The bootdisk has very small size, and you have to mount it to your virtual drive before you start this game.

  • noki

    Hi there, thanks for sharing.
    I think the bootdisk(.cue file, my guess) is broken. I tried mounting, but I can see the error(-the file is broken) only.
    I need your help. please :)
    I'll thank you to check up and re-upload the bootdisk.

    • シェア

      Please extract our RAR files by using WinRAR. It can make sure that files are not corrupted. And you should use Alcohol 120% to mount the image files.

      • noki

        thanks for your kind reaction. but... It dosn't working on your way.
        extract is not problem. I used Winrar lastest version, the extracted file has not problem(not corrupted. file size is ok).
        and I tried mounting with the daemon tools (latest ver.) first, and with alcohol 120% (also latest ver.)
        but both of them shown error only.
        the error meassage is "Last track is too long" on alcohol 120%.
        so, I think the bootdisk file is bad... I need some help.
        I'll wait for your reply.

        • シェア


          Since WinRAR doesn't say it's corrupted, those files are not corrupted. You could confirm it by running any checksum tools to get the CRC32 values of those files and confirm if they are exactly matched the values shown in WinRAR main window. I saw the four values are 2804E708, 190F2D8A, 585FEBC2 and 5AA99383. I have just confirmed these files are exactly the same as the files shared in 2005 on the Share EX2 network (a kind of Japanese P2P network). I also successfully mounted them by using Alcohol 120% 2.0.1 Build 2033 (with an 32-bit OS).

          • noki

            Sorry for re-re-reply. I don't want to bother you..
            I tried checksum - all the file's CRC32 values are matched. extract is are not problem sure.
            but I can't success that disk mounting.
            I saw error message on Alcohol 120% 2.0.2. build 4713(32bit OS).
            What's the matter...
            The bootdisk set is .cue & .img files right? and .iso & .mds couples are the datadisk...I think.
            but my Ahcohol or Daemon tools read the three files(.mds, .iso, .cue files, also .cue file can't be mounted) only. and that three files has the same contents(files) in the disk.
            How can I mount the boot disk?

          • シェア

            I have no idea about it. Downgrading your Alcohol 120% might help you. You could also try to modify the .cue file so that it only contains the .img track, but I'm not sure whether it works or not. Besides, I guess the img+cue files were produced by CloneCD (not CloneDVD). Using the virtual drive of CloneCD to mount it might be the solution.

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