[091225][Delta] MONSTER PARK~化け物に魅入られし姫~

Title: MONSTER PARK~化け物に魅入られし姫~
Genre: 生態系異種AVG
Release Date: 2009-12-25
Size: 1670.52 MB

9 comments to [091225][Delta] MONSTER PARK~化け物に魅入られし姫~

  • t

    i want password idont understand where is password

  • Forbiddenone

    Uhh how do you actually get it to run? It says "this game is for Japan only" and the latest verison of ntlea doesn't work...

    • シェア

      The most feasible way is to change your non-Unicode locale to Japanese in Control Panel.
      Because I don't have an English OS, I cannot tell you how to do it step-by-step due to the differences of nouns' translation.

  • Forbiddenone

    I appreciate the thought, but I've done that a long time ago. It seems like some of the newer games have this issue- just doing the unicode thing won't work.

    • シェア

      Yes, the new games that were released by route2 (Triangle & Delta) had this kind of issues.
      If someone haven't released a regional checking patch, the only solution is to install a Japanese OS on a virtual machine.
      However, I can use debugging tools, such as OllyDbg, to crack it if you still cannot find out a solution.
      I'm busy in my business and this cracking work takes me some time, so I only do it passively.

    • シェア

      Well, now I can tell you how to do it.
      At first, you have to upgrade the main program to ver1.1.
      And then open MOP_DL.exe by your hex editor, such as UltraEdit or something.
      Jumping to the address 0x2757D, you can see the sequence '25 11 04'.
      Please replace it to 'E9 A2 00', and it will be able to get executed by Applocale.
      We also uploaded the modified one.
      You can use it if you don't like to edit it yourself.

  • Zerth

    If someone still has the crack for this, can they please send it to me in an e-mail at zerthios@gmail.com

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