[100226][SQUEEZ] 炎の孕ませおっぱい身体測定~幼なじみ女子校生身体測定で全員中出しパラダイス!~

Title: 炎の孕ませおっぱい身体測定~幼なじみ女子校生身体測定で全員中出しパラダイス!~
Genre: 発育途中な幼なじみをエロいじりをする学園まるごと身体測定パラダイス!
Release Date: 2010-02-26
Size: 2031.91 MB

11 comments to [100226][SQUEEZ] 炎の孕ませおっぱい身体測定~幼なじみ女子校生身体測定で全員中出しパラダイス!~

  • 解凍するときに、暗号?が掛かってて解凍できないんで、

  • 上のコメント間違いです。


    • シェア

      Hi, we have downloaded & tested by WinRAR 4.0.
      The password is correct (Just hit Ctrl+F and search "password", then you can find it).
      Sizes of the 3 files are 1000MB, 1000MB, and 31.9MB.
      SHA-1 hashs are:
      318c7580ea149dcbba8bb371f2e228df708d7991 [100226][SQUEEZ] 炎の孕ませおっぱい身体測定~幼なじみ女子校生身体測定で全員中出しパラダイス!~.part1.rar
      1bd90dbf941b3627fa9df498309e19ec3e4d9a37 [100226][SQUEEZ] 炎の孕ませおっぱい身体測定~幼なじみ女子校生身体測定で全員中出しパラダイス!~.part2.rar
      228069e6be35475adcf5019c9ada33c555ca4796 [100226][SQUEEZ] 炎の孕ませおっぱい身体測定~幼なじみ女子校生身体測定で全員中出しパラダイス!~.part3.rar

      You could use Checksum Tool (http://checksumtool.sourceforge.net/) to check them.
      If the sizes are correct but SHA-1 hashs are mismatched, try to repair it by WinRAR.
      We have put rr3% in each part of archives.
      However, please try to upgrade your WinRAR to 4.0+ first.

  • 通りすがりの消防設備士


  • Jerry Hsiang

    Excuse me, can compressed files be split into more? it is difficult to download >0<

    • シェア

      We're sorry for your inconvenience, but now we adopt the (size↑, links↓) policy.
      After a person downloaded the file from a host, he had to wait some minutes in order to download the next one on the same host.
      If the filesize is big enough, the waiting time will be offset by the downloading time.
      Yeah, we know the risk is that the disconnection may be occurred while you're donwloading a file.
      But we cannot know how many ones have this trouble because it's highly depending on ISPs & countries.

      However, if you cannot find the same games from other sites and you really want them, you can make a request.
      Just give me a list and the split size you hope.
      Maybe it takes some days, because I'm busy in my job and this kind of requests is only handled by me but other uploaders.

  • dedi gun

    excuse me, i have download all part, when extract it, part 1 need following volume and i browse for part 2, but it can't continue the extraction. I decide to repair the archive, then it can be extracted, but the iso file can't read by "Magic ISO" software. the error mesage said, "Can't find image CD/DVD". any solution?

    • シェア

      Which filehost did you download from?
      I need this information to confirm whether the parts are actually damaged or not.
      Did you use WinRAR 4.01 to extract these files and repair them?
      How about using Alcohol 120% to mount the disc image?

      Furthermore, you can use Checksum Tool to verify if your downloads are completed.
      If SHA-1 hashs are right but errros are occured while you're extracting these files, you have to upgrade WinRAR.

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