[100423][TinkerBell] あねぼく~お姉ちゃんは美人3姉妹~

Title: あねぼく~お姉ちゃんは美人3姉妹~
Genre: 3姉妹お姉ちゃんとエロあまADV
Release Date: 2010-04-23
Size: 1354.16 MB

5 comments to [100423][TinkerBell] あねぼく~お姉ちゃんは美人3姉妹~

  • Just-A-Passerby

    Hello, just want to let you know that the pin-up image/cover/anything-goes-by-that is wrong.

    • シェア

      Thank you. It will be fixed in April.

      • Just-A-Passerby

        Well, I'm very grateful for your hard work.
        I can download some 'dead-links' games that went missing from my collections.
        Keep up the good work, mate :D

        • シェア

          Because RapidShare changed their storage policy, we will lose our backup storage soon. Hence I suggest you download everything you need as soon as possible. We could recover all our files last year because we had RapidShare, but maybe we won't be able to do it in the future. It's also the reason we cannot update this post immediately. All our uploaders are busy in backing up our files.

          By the way, is the cover the only one problem in this post? Are the links in the download page correct? I'm sorry that I cannot test if myself before asking you because I also joined the backup club. All my bandwidth are filled now.

          • Just-A-Passerby

            Sorry, I don't know either.
            I was browsing to search 孕女 and noticed there's two natsudoki posts.
            It should be alright, i think. Both games' links have their own respective game name and has their sizes are pretty much spot on.

            Thanks for the notice!

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